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I worked closely with the SaaS project, UMS Alert, that many UK Police Forces incorporated and other private companies including Alliance Healthcare and United Utilities. UMS Alert was a platform that could send messages to thousands of recipients in an instant: a mass communication system for both emergency and regular informative updates.

Police Websites

Web Design

I was given a brief by Merseyside Police to mimic Neighbourhood Watch’s traditional layout for their websites so that users coming off their current systems would feel less alienated to a different environment. Namely the iconic curve and the two protruding buttons were the key features to include during the design process. I used Photoshop to design several alternative designs and eventually one was chosen and coded in HTML.

This design was then extrapolated to become a standard which was offered as part of a package for new clients. It was also adopted by international clients too!

Logo Design

A logo design service was offered for many clients, I personally assisted several Police Forces in designing theirs based on their Visual Identity adhering to branding guidelines and colours:

NYCM Logos

DPCM Logos

Alerte Moi Logos

Mobile UI

UX/UI Principles: Mobile App Onboarding

I was part of a team overlooking the App Design process for our clients. I offered input based on knowledge learnt from University and research on our competitor’s products. In addition, my input was helpful as the chief designer for our client’s websites to ensure all relevant details and presentation were consistent across both mediums.

As I felt heavily invested within these Community Messaging projects and to it’s success, I took it upon my spare time to design possible improvements. Although the technical team were more focused on the functional aspect, I had mocked up a fully functioning website (bottom row) along with my proposal based on my research. The app (top row) was far too bland and lacking features for the public to use: it simply received messages and nothing else. From randomising Splash Loading photos to connect with the audience to making registration more efficient (my onboarding required two less steps for registration!), I provided many suggestions that would make the app at least on par or better than other Council Apps.

Content Writer

As a native English speaker, I proofread all documentation including websites for the global audience. I wrote several case studies for users of UMS Alert as well as designed many Whitepapers specifically to target different industries. With my extensive knowledge of the system, I was also part of the team responsible for answering public tenders which were filled to the brim with detail ranging from 40 to 90 page reports showcasing our advantages and the product itself.



Web Administrator & Support Officer

I performed regular websites updates and made improvements whenever I could or upon request: as a designer I really dislike whitespace and in several instances reduced the need for any form of scrolling using my knowledge of CSS. As you can see from the examples below, information had been streamlined and the interface was adjusted to be more intuitive.

I used Visual Studio to update the registration pages were run off a .NET framework which meant it was more difficult to update than traditional webpages. For active Alerts sent by Police Forces, I used SQL to update existing databases to reflect appropriate changes. It was therefore natural, given my access to the websites and the system for me to take a role as a Support Officer as I could provide both 1st and 2nd line support: with my knowledge I updated and wrote over half the support articles at

Promotional Materials

As part of building an excellent client-relationship, I offered my services to promote their newly acquired systems. It was mutually beneficial as the success of the system increased the chances of more prospective clients. I designed registration forms, posters, pocket guides, flyers, email signatures and many other materials including social media images. I also prepared many presentation slides to promote UMS Alert so I am confident in my Powerpoint proficiency!