Auditions: Keep swinging!

Home Run Contest

With the bare foundations setup now, it’s just time to keep swinging. Just gotta keep auditioning until I hopefully hit a good home run! That being said I’ve only started auditioning on Monday and I’ve just done my third now and it’s pretty fun so far. I’m just doing them from at the moment but I hope to expand to other sources soon such as ACX.

Speaking of, I didn’t know that has a very similar model to I’ve only paid for Premium for, but I got the same audition come through via email from the other site? Seems like producers likes to use both sites to scout for talent! So perhaps it’s a good idea to go for one or the other until you’re comfortable.

My throat’s been feeling a bit funny this morning and it’s made me conscious of how illness or sinuses can affect the way you sound, so health must be very important in this field! I hope it clears up soon so that I can audition for even more.

Image source: Super Smash Brothers (screenshot from