August 2018: The Road So Far

It’s been a busy past week, not so much for auditioning but there has been a few productive points. Firstly let’s run down what’s happened so far in July!

O - Audition 60 times (total)
O - Tweak Demos according to Laci’s Feedback
X - Find voices similar to your own and make a plan
X - Master the TH/D pronunciation
X - Do an Audio Book reading
O - Sign up to Premium
X - Subscribe to Gravy For the Brain
  • 84/100 Auditions
    Easily beat the target of 60! This month has been the most productive with 51 auditions alone. I couldn’t quite beat my new target of reaching 100 but we’ll get there eventually. The introduction of Voices123 has really helped for sure, I’ve also signed up to Backstage where I submitted my first audition but unfortunately didn’t get it. Looking forward to seeing more opportunities arise!
  • Missed 4 Targets
    1. Mastering the TH/D pronunciation has been a pain, I’ll need more practice for that!
    2. I have been on the hearout for similar voices but I haven’t honed in on who I sound like, if anyone has a clue feel free to post on my Facebook or Twitter!
    3. I really need to sign up to Gravy For the Brain, just for extra training and to make sure I’m focussing correctly on what I’m doing right; I really ought to have one successful audition within the next 20 hopefully.
    4. I unfortunately hadn’t had time for an Audio Book reading, but a new project that I’m starting will involve a lot of reading and I can’t wait to unveil it.

So although I’ve still not had any success with my auditions, receiving feedback and thumbs up was a good highlight, as it seems I’m on the right track. Tweaking the demo into something I’m more happy with was a great boon too. It’s exciting that this month I’ve reached out to platforms other than just, I think it’s really needed in order for any progress and any exposure is good exposure. I also like the fact that I’m not just waiting around any more because with this project it should hopefully give me practice, exposure and potentially a whole audience if all goes well.

So my August Goals?

Audition 84/150 times (total)
Find voices similar to your own and make a plan
Resume progress of mastering the TH/D pronunciation
Do an Audio Book reading
Subscribe to Gravy For the Brain
Prepare Project

P.S. The Incredibles 2 was a great movie, I felt a new level of appreciation based on the Voice-Over perspective and like many others, I’ve decided that Pixar will be my dream role. I’ll continue trying my best to get there!

Image Source: Supernatural