Bethcar Dental

Bethcar Portfolio

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Bethcar Dental is a dental practice based in Wales. As a new practice, they wanted a logo design that would be perfect to start things off. They then later requested the design of a website to serve as the practice’s online portal (

Logo Design

The logo design was very fun creative process. Much like other medical services in the UK, the most common colour association for their logos and websites was blue, which naturally helped to represent both the cleanliness of water and the NHS logo. So I began my first experimentation with that in mind. As with first client meetings go, a very quick sketch was made so to help the direction of further meetings and some choices were chosen:

Logo Draft

The client gave a lot of good feedback and a choice was swiftly made. A tooth was chosen as the key symbol of the logo to automatically associate the image with dentistry.

Logos 1

Once the final design was decided, I solidified a colour chosen by the client and this centralised the logo. It is always very satisfying to see a final design closely resembling a rough draft!

Logos 2

Website Design

I designed and coded much of the original website shortly after I had graduated University so the designs were quite out of date and not to modern standards. With this nagging in the back of my mind, I approached client as part of my excellent aftercare service with a new design and proposition. It was accepted and I happily updated the new site. Naturally I gave the client sufficient documentation to utilise the new site’s features and I must personally admit that it looks easily 3 times better than it used to! It’s still not 100% complete however as the client wished to finalise their changes themselves.