It's been a busy past week, not so much for auditioning but there has been a few productive points. Firstly
Hello again, just another weekly update. No success yet but my motivation is strong! It's just been another week full
Alright! It's been a busy few days and it's just going to get even busier. Character Reel Firstly, based on
New month, new goals. If you're wondering whether I did reach June's goals, well not quite. But I don't think
Behold! The next addition to the website, some singing reels! Although these songs were all recorded over the year during
Well not entirely new feels, it is a slight motivation booster since it was one of my goals this month.
Today, I've grown one year older. I felt the above picture is quite comical and appropriate. It's surprising how birthday
I think these posts helps me re-focus and align my thoughts, so forgive me if they become too repetitive! I
There's something always so satisfying about getting achievements, there's even a game just for getting achievements! It's June now and
With the bare foundations setup now, it's just time to keep swinging. Just gotta keep auditioning until I hopefully hit