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I’ve designed over 500 B2B adverts for both fax and email marketing for a variety of products, from computers to clothes to legal services. I produced multiple campaigns per day and millions were delivered on a daily basis throughout the UK and other countries such as Spain, France, Norway and Sweden. I also handled the delivery aspect of the job too, which involved a lot of data handling and checking procedures.

Fax Designs

For both styles of marketing, attention grabbing within the first few seconds were crucial to the core of the design – if it wasn’t memorable then the design wasn’t good enough. A nice aspect of designing internationally is that the global language of advertising was the same. My favourite task was designing faxes, I love vector graphics and tracing products to make sure that they’re both ink-friendly and trendy was a fun activity. Adobe Illustrator was a great boon and converting these into small .TIF files processible by fax machines was a simple task.

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Email Designs

Email marketing was a little more difficult as I had to wrestle with the technical aspects of whitelisting IPs and ensuring that server reputations were also optimal. Making sure that the mail designs themselves wasn’t too image intensive was also hard to juggle. Nevertheless, I designed and coded each campaign with this in mind and took into consideration the cross compatibility between email clients. Client feedback was always adhered and communication was conducted in the most professional manner and always resulted in a satisfied client.

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