Gotta keep firing & sending demos!

Hello again, just another weekly update. No success yet but my motivation is strong! It’s just been another week full of auditions and I’m really starting to churn these out! I think I’ve done around 23 this week (with 2 more on my list tonight) and that’s great considering I barely managed that last month.

Voices123 definitely helps though and I can confirm again that it’s such a different atmosphere. I’ve done around 9 auditions and I’ve received my first feedback from it already. It was just 3/4 stars but that alone is such a nice booster of confidence! I really appreciate that person giving feedback. I’ve gotten 4 thumbs up out of 65 auditions on so based on that ratio, already Voices123 seems to be winning. So much like the image above I’ve just gotta keep shooting and locking onto these auditions as fast as possible.

I’ve also signed up to Backstage to further increase exposure and to keep an ear out for local opportunities. I hope to find maybe some Discord Channels for other networking opportunities and learning tips soon.

Just to summarise:

  • Audition Progress 75/60
  • First feedback on Voices123
  • Signed up to
Image Source: Mechwarrior 4

Off Topic: Mechwarrior was one of my favourite childhood robot games! I really loved the Mad Cat and it’s ability to shoot a truckload of arsenal. The story and voices alone really rang in my ears.