July’s New Targets!

Life is Strange

New month, new goals. If you’re wondering whether I did reach June’s goals, well not quite. But I don’t think reaching 100 auditions was possible through Voices.com anyway and I don’t think I’m ready to master accents quite yet when I need to master my own voice a little better. So I’ll put that on the sideburner for now:

X - Audition 100 Times (33/100)
O - Complete 3 Other Reels
O - Impersonate 15 Characters
O - Learn more about the features of Adobe Audition
O - Complete Website
X - Read Accents for Actors

So here will be my next set of goals for this month:

Audition 60 times (total)
Tweak Demos according to Laci’s Feedback
Find voices similar to your own and make a plan
Master the TH/D pronunciation
Do an Audio Book reading
Sign up to Voice123.com Premium
Subscribe to Gravy For the Brain

So within the last few days, I had a lovely conversation with Laci Morgan who had helped put me on this journey, her feedback was sound and I hope to follow and act upon her advice soon:

  • I learned more about constructing Demo Reels, so I’ll make some changes soon e.g. How it’s best to put your most natural or preferred voice at the very beginning of the reel – it’s sound obvious now but damn I didn’t think about that! Tightening music gaps, rewording scripts to flesh out characters, volume control etc. etc.
  • To help my British Accent, I knew I had a problem with my pronunciation with TH words (e.g. Father, Mother, Brother, Bother, Farther, Further…) and to be honest that is a big portion of why I tend to sound American! So I’ll be ritually repeating these words until they come natural to me. Don’t freak out! Haha.

Amongst other helpful hints, it did help me gain more confidence in myself. Especially regarding the quality of the sound files that I use to audition, it was very reassuring to hear that they sound fine and clear. It’s just a matter of time! *fingers crossed*

So those are my goals so far!

As for the picture, I think it’s kinda fitting to represent overlooking and planning. I’m certainly no Max Caulfield when it comes to taking pictures, but I hella enjoyed completing Life is Strange: Before the Storm. And I definitely couldn’t help but cry at the DLC. That was emotionally difficult! But that’s just the product of great story telling and lovable characters.

P.S. Had my second audition like, hella yes!

Image source: Life is Strange