LoveLee Portfolio

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LoveLee ( is a recent start up with it’s core business providing make-up services. It also provides pamper parties for both children and adults alike. The cosmetic industry has always thrived with events such as parties and weddings, and with the networking aspect this business will likely grow and grow. I was happy to assist designing the logo and the website, it was a satisfying project that made everyone cheerful. People enjoy being photographed whilst looking spruced up and it was equally a joy to see this business thrive with happy faces.

Logo Design

I was approached and given a brief for a logo that wouldn’t be too childish and that had an essence of quality, it needed to be recognisable and simple. From the client meeting, we discussed the possibility of abbreviation, however it was requested that people needed to know what it was by looking at it, so acronyms were no longer considered. My design process normally begins with a few sketches on paper void of colour: because if it doesn’t look good monochrome then there’s likely a problem already! Monochrome versions of logos are also very standard to have in brand guidelines so it’s always nice to have a version on hand! You never quite know when you may need it.

Logos 1

Logos 2

At per my usual routine, symbolism is very important with regards to recognition. Therefore I was wanting to include items that would signify makeup, such as lipstick and eyelashes. But the more items that were added the more cluttered and busy the image felt. The client wasn’t too sure which route to take so I experimented with the logos as much as I could to offer up options.

Taking feedback once again and looking from afar, it was then decided to further simplify the logo with focus on just one key central shape, the heart. A universal symbol that was more exciting than a make-up brush or lipstick (which could be confused with other items). As a sidenote, it was conveniently more flexible in these designs to incorporate text in a “fun” manner, right across the heart much like the old cupid’s arrow through the heart symbolism. So as a decision, I experimented with many colours but this shade of pink was the one that felt most calm and in addition the heart needed to be thicker and more prominent than it currently was. It was also important for me to reduce as much white-space as possible.

We decided not to complicate the shape too much with the stroke effect that represented flow and hair as well as the removal of the gradient effect. It made the shape thicker and more solid so that it was easier to focus. The final decision was settled with the bottom right logo.

Logos 3

Website Design

My client regularly uses social media to update her business with pictures and happy customers. However she wanted a simple solution to manage the website, so I decided to utilise the WordPress interface for convenience. I chose a theme, installed the plugins, designed all the necessary images for the website and used CSS to personalise it for my client. I also personally recorded videos on how to update the website too for that extra client satisfaction touch!