Mid-August Update

I was hoping to make a post when I completed my 100th audition but it seems too long overdue as we’re past the 2nd week of August now. To my dismay, I have finished my 99th one! But I’ll get there, just need to push the milestone further now haha.

In terms of progress, I’ve not had much time for voice over auditions but that’s okay as I’ve been working really hard on my secret project which I truly hope to beat the schedule and unveil soon.

I am still finding the odd time to audition for roles which I think are more suited to me, so it’s nice to have that in the back of my head that I’m not doing nothing.

Some highlights this past few weeks:

  • Received my second feedback on Voices123: admittedly it was only 2/4 star but like the initial podcast mentioned, one of the more renown VOs had still gotten parts despite 1 or 2 star ratings. So I’m not too unhappy about that, I’m more grateful that they took the time to give feedback as half were not given any score.
  • Received second-third-and-fourth private invitation on Voices.com: They were all from Voices.com but I think they just wanted quick auditions to review without considering who the VO is but I tried out for one anyway just to see, you never know.
  • Received my first message on Voices.com: It’s been 3 months since this journey, I didn’t get the part but someone was kind enough to provide feedback in this manner so that was nice to see.

No times for any video games lately, which is sad but if this project goes well then the future may look bright. I don’t think there’s a need for a summary as the content is a bit small this week.

Side note: I’m getting a little concerned about my microphone recently though, when you stop speaking, there’s a moment where a “fuzz” dissipates and I have to remove the noise. I hope it’s nothing serious and maybe a wire issue rather than the microphone itself.

Image Source: Zone of the Enders HD (There's something very very satisfying about firing a bunch of locked on beams!