My Journey: The Beginning


At this point in time, I’m feeling nervous but rightly so! This is unknown territories for me, and it feels like I’m on an adventure in the woods with just an empty backpack.

But I’ve found a torch and pieces of a map.
The torch being¬†my new microphone (or should I call it a sword?) and the map pieces being some helpful guides and personal goals (we can call this Quests!). I’m going to endeavour to make the best out of each day and hope that this small journal can motivate me and possibly others to pursue their dreams.

Today, I’ve listened to some VoicePrint with Trevor Devall and it’s an enjoyable listen. These people are very talented and I hope one day I can approach their level. Thank you to my good friend Aimee for introducing me to this podcast.

Aside from getting this website ready for this new single player campaign, my other tasks today have been to polish off some scripts for potential demo reel readings.


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