New Reels! New Feels!


Well not entirely new feels, it is a slight motivation booster since it was one of my goals this month. But yes! I have spent a good amount of the past few day preparing a new set of reels for your ears to witness below, and yes I did make those goblin sounds (even though it’s more of a Murloc haha)!

Animation Voiceover (UK):

Game Voiceover (US):

Commercial Voiceover (UK) – Food:

Commercial Voiceover US (Southern) – Food:

I’ve been trying to learn more about accents recently and I’m not entirely sure if I’ve pulled it off but I know personally that it needs some work – again this is more of a foundation setter to showcase what I currently have to work with. But this experience certainly was more fun to pull off than to read through generic adverts, that Pirate voice especially really was quite enjoyable!

I’ve also updated parts of the website now and it feels a lot more complete than before, it’s pretty satisfying to see. It’s a bit worrying that it’s nearing the end of June already and my goals haven’t really been met, it’s busy days ahead.

  • Uploaded new demo reels
  • Partially researched accents
  • Updated website
Image source: Hearthstone - Goblin