Firstly, thank you for visiting this page! I know what you must be thinking, “This guy has a lot on his plate, how can we trust that his priorities are straight?”. Well to answer you without a rhyme (!): Graphic Design has been a calling since I was a teenager and it will always remain a passion. However as most creatives experience, after 5 working years of fulfilling client’s requests, it feels fantastic to work and create personal projects to unleash creative energy. But know that my focus and work ethics will always keep you, the client, number one: tenacity, honesty and precision are my strongest traits!

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.NET framework/PHP
Visual Code
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Powerpoint
Office 365

1. Adaptable

Incredibly versatile and flexible in terms of delegated responsibilities. Always eager to learn and to help others.

2. Honest

I can’t lie. I’m terrible when it comes to Poker (!). I always voice my earnest feelings and people trust me implicitly.

3. Consistent

My eye for consistency is always on, I greatly respect and abide by branding guidelines and appreciate the minute details in all forms of design/animation.

4. Motivated

Creating content in whatever form is my passion, I always get such a thrill and satisfaction when helping others, there is no greater motivator.

5. Creative

Inspiration comes from everywhere and the most surprising places, I have unusually vivid dreams which also pours creative fuel to the fire of imagination.

6. Focused

I like to set goals for myself and if an assignment requires a quick turnaround I will endure any hardship to get things completed at my (“Monica”) level of quality.

A bit more about me

Highly motivated designer seeking an opportunity to continue a career in design, open to broaden skillsets and to develop further. Excellent coverage of the Adobe Suite; over 17 years of Photoshop experience. Innovative and passionate about all forms of design.

Although my formal education in design extends to A-Level, informally I believe I have learnt a great deal and have confidence in my ability over the Adobe Suite having started it as a hobby at a young age. I was extremely fortunate enough to gain first hand graphic design and marketing experience for 5 years giving me the assurance that this is indeed a role that I can fulfill more than adequately.

It was part of my role to answer and design tender responses (documents which were over 50 detailed pages) and with amazing teamwork we landed client after client championing a SaaS product throughout the UK.

As part of the excellent client relationship, I assisted all the way in all of their steps to their success, including creating promotional material, leaflets and posters to increase community awareness. I was also responsible for maintaining and creating websites for clients so I have a strong knowledge of HTML and CSS. Naturally the influx of clients made each day very busy, however with excellent time management skills this was never an issue.

In addition, I am proficient in Adobe AfterEffects, creating client training videos and promotions for my own personal side-project (https://www.boardgamereader.co.uk/). I was also heavily involved as a Tester in the App Design process for the company’s new Community messaging app utilising UX design principles studied from University and from personal experience.

I am always accurate and take pride in perfection, an inherited trait from my finance related degree. A team player who will always listen to constructive criticism to improve and finely tune my craft.

Most of my inspiration comes from the odd video game but also through TV shows and films, having worked part time as an Extra within TV, I appreciate the subtle details of each set and try to reflect this level of intricacy within my work.

Thanks again for reading thus far, I realise that it’s a lot of text but when you’re searching for the right candidate you can never learn enough! I’ve helped during this HR process too!

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