Firstly thank you very much for your interest! I am very adept with the Adobe Suite specialising with Photoshop and Illustrator, and I enjoy learning new programs to develop my skills further!

My latest website including all logo work and coding is I've also created the following websites too: and


Logo Design:
Designing logos takes a lot of careful consideration, I was lucky enough to have been responsible for creating a few brands for community messaging systems for Police forces around the UK.

Fax Marketing:
Throughout the years, I've designed many adverts for Fax Marketing around the world. Churning multiple designs a day, a key crucial factor was to conserve ink, therefore many of my designs incorporated the use of Illustrator to fully take advantage of clean Vector Graphics.  I've learnt many styles of approaches but the most important factor is to be able to attract an audience within seconds!

Email Marketing:
Similarly with Email Marketing, I've coded and designed many email campaigns for a large client base across many countries. With Email Marketing advancing in complexity, it was important not to overload the designs with images and it was a difficult balance to get it just right.