So many Days Gone(!) but productive!

Hello! To think this is the 2nd post in a year! Pretty shocking but fear not, I’m always working in the background.

This month past has been quite hectic, but let’s start with a bit of a summary of the beginning of the year.

In efforts to expand my public profile, I’ve decided to start a twitch channel! So please come check that out! Any follows is greatly appreciated! I’ll just be playing some games and giving some commentary, the latest game is Days Gone! And I’ve started a YouTube channel too with all the highlights! So check the first part here!

I’ve subscribed back to Mandy just to see how things go, they say you miss 100% the shots you don’t take after all though like many others I’ve not had much luck with that but I’m auditioning every week through that so fingers crossed! They’ve merged with Backstage recently and I’ve noticed a few cool opportunities there so hopefully they’ll share a same platform soon and become even greater!

Instagram & TikTok
Following a 1 to 1 session with talent agent Ashabi Ajikawo (thanks to Mandy), I gained some great advice to expand to other social media where there also many opportunities. So I’m that pairing with my Twitch Clips can provide a constant flow of content and promotion! It’s still all in progress at the moment but I think we’re off to a good start

We’re approaching 100 subscribers over in that channel! Despite not having any new videos for over a year. I think I’ll need to create a few videos soon for that! It’s a pet project but I do like the feeling of helping others indirectly. It’s already accumulated a stunning amount of watch time!

Last month, I was a supporting artist for Peaky Blinders! So I can’t wait to clip scenes from that! And now I’ve been regularly working with YouTube channels with voicework so that’s been keeping me busy! I just need to continually traverse through these 5 paths and hopefully an amazing door will open up soon. For example a recent audiobook reached out to me for an audition and I’m very fingers crossed with that!

So have a great summer guys! Hope you stay safe and vaccinated! All the best!

Image Source: Days Gone (2019)