Songs! Songs for all!

Dr Horrible

Behold! The next addition to the website, some singing reels! Although these songs were all recorded over the year during my free time on the Karaoke App called Smule, the recordings itself isn’t very good as it’s all done through my phone. But I hope this gives people and insight towards my singing ability and maybe a little more confusion/understanding of my accent!

As some people may know, I’m quite a huge fan of Dr. Horrible so I couldn’t help but add a poor quality version of the song with Neil in the background as the second song in the Playlist. I’m also quite a fan of Disney too so I threw some songs in there as well. I do enjoy the odd musical too, but I’ve not added any of those here except Beauty & The Beast if that counts:

I had my first like today at, but now that I look back at it again.. the Like has been retracted! How sad. Anyway, to give a status report of how’s it going: 29 Auditions – 12 Listened – 0 Hired. So I’m quite a way way from my target from reaching 100 by the end of June. Which admittedly is stretching it, I guess I’ve almost doubled May’s output which is nice itself. And I have done more reels than expected, just gotta keep moving ahead!


  • Uploaded Singing Reels to Website
  • Received 1st Like (but it was retracted)
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