Updated Reel & Voices123

Alright! It’s been a busy few days and it’s just going to get even busier.

Character Reel

Firstly, based on great feedback I’ve updated my Character Reel and I admit it is automatically better than the first one, which raises my confidence levels a bit higher! Please feel free to have a listen!

What’s even better is that I sent a shortened version of this reel for an audition and it was liked! Fingers crossed on the outcome!


Secondly, I’ve completed one of my tasks this month and signed up to Voices123.com because Voices.com alone wasn’t really producing enough opportunities, and with the SmartCast system that Voices123 employs I hope that this will expand my reach. So far my first impressions show that Voices123 has a lot more detail inside it, there’s a lot of emphasis on how your profile looks and your demos.

I watched their introductory tips to having a great profile and it was a little daunting as the general tone did not seem to comfort newcomers or conform to my normal presentation attitude (it’s quite Sale-sy!). One suggestion was to populate your demo reels within multiple categories even if they are the exactly the same? And how including them makes sure that you’re never left out – The logic is true but I can’t bring myself to it as I don’t want to mislead anyone or annoy anyone with the same content. I’ll just have to produce content faster so it populates naturally.

In terms of opportunities, I had zero audition opportunities sent to me for the first two days but after listening to that introduction video, it suggested to add in English – North American¬†and walah – before I knew it, it became a list of 20 opportunities. In light of this though, it’s a shame that the British voiceover seems not so in demand on this site.

I’m also noticing a significant lack of responses compared to Voices.com, within minutes of a request on Voices.com, it would easily hit maybe 10 responses within the hour. But it’s really different here. That’s reassuring.


I’m on 52/60 auditions so far and we’re not half way through the month, so I may increase this target especially with the introduction of Voices123!


  • Character Reel updated
  • Voices123 Registration & Review
  • Audition Progress 52/60
Image source: Pacman