October Update!

It’s all too common for a blog to go a little inactive but fear not that my endeavours are still going strong!

Laci kindly informed me of a webinar for Gravy for the Brain and it was really insightful, as you may know it’s been on my to-do-list for a while! There seems to be so many things to learn from that site, so I will pursue it in due course. It’s noteworthy that if you attend one of these webinars you’ll often get a special promotional discount for subscription. So keep an eye out if you can!

Ultimately, the webinar was a list of things to do and to watch out for, I learnt the distinction between Voice Actor and Voice Over Artist and the fact that Voice Actors are more and more competitively required to take an Acting qualification; which I am very keen to partake. Many of these things were covered by Laci’s lessons fortunately so again it’s reassuring that everything’s all on the right track and that perseverance is the only thing left to do (and constant self-improvement!).

My main focus however since my last update is this secret project which I will unveil very shortly and it has very close ties with Voice Acting! I can’t wait to show you! It’s running a little behind schedule but I’m working very late in the night to try to get it all sorted! Until next time!

Image Source: Overcooked 2 (Recently Released! And kinda related to Gravy? I'm looking at you, King Onion Mmm..!)