Achievement Hunting: Setting Targets

Clash of Clans

There’s something always so satisfying about getting achievements, there’s even a game just for getting achievements! It’s June now and a new month lies ahead. I think it’s important for motivation to set general goals for life so that you don’t feel stagnant or left behind.

I made an action plan mid-May and I’m proud to say that I’ve accomplished most of it:To Do List: May

When coming up with a plan it’s important to be realistic but also optimistic so here’s my to do list for June:

And whilst creating this new list I can see that there will be less unique targets that I can set for later months, it’s not a bad thing, it simply means the foundation is starting to become more and more solid. And that eventually becomes progress.

Since this post is about getting motivation, lately mine has been boosted thanks to the kind feedback from Laci Morgan: I think everyone needs someone that they can talk to and improve themselves.

So go on out there and set yourself some goals and head closer to your dreams!

Image source: Clash of Clans (not my account!)