Hello! To think this is the 2nd post in a year! Pretty shocking but fear not, I'm always working in
  Hello! I'm a bit sad that I've not managed to update this site as much as I wanted to
Hope everyone is staying safe these turbulent times. I was really optimistic at the beginning of year as I had
Just a few hours until 2020! Hopefully a wonderful year for us all! December has blown past. I think I’ve
Let's keep this blog going! I'm currently awaiting some new acoustic foam which I'm sure will improve
Hello again! Well if it isn't apparent, the whole website has changed! But that's not all that's changed this half
I can't believe I've not updated this since entering 2019, we're already a quarter way in! This is unprecedented! I
I think it's been a very productive month... My 1st Successful Audition! This is most exciting news!!! And such a
My secret project is out at last!!! I've started my first official Youtube Channel, so I would be so grateful
It's all too common for a blog to go a little inactive but fear not that my endeavours are still