March 2019 Update

I can’t believe I’ve not updated this since entering 2019, we’re already a quarter way in! This is unprecedented! I know I’ve read tips out there that suggest career-blogs avoid any form of negativity, to always be positive so that prospective employers see only positive things. But I’ve always been honest and being truthful is who I am, this past month has been one the saddest moments of my life but to handle it, I’ve just been pre-occupying myself with things as much as possible. So that’s the main reason why there hasn’t been any updates.

However in lighter news, the things I’ve been preoccupying myself with include auditions and I’ve done over 200 auditions so far with more positive feedback so I’ll just have to keep trying! I will update my Reels soon from the tips taken from GravyForTheBrain as my scripts are ready. However in the meantime since I’ve done quite a lot of auditions I’ve decided to put one audio clip together quickly based on samples of my normal reading voice:

In terms of my project, BoardGameReader, things are really looking up there with the 10th Manual being released. I’ve created a casting call for Voice Actor Volunteers and the interest has been strong! Which will mean that video releases will be even more frequent!

There are very heavy winds throughout the country today, I hope everyone is safe. Take care and all the best.

Image Source: Zelda Twilight Princess (Still not completed it!)