November Summary

I think it’s been a very productive month…

My 1st Successful Audition!

This is most exciting news!!! And such a great confidence booster after all these months of auditioning – it was through I hope I make a great impression, I’ve sent everything over within just a few hours as I couldn’t contain my excitement.

BoardGameReader steadily grows!

I’ve narrated a lot of content for this YouTube Channel and each time I record, I get more confident and most importantly practice. I’ve met a lot of great people at these board game events and everything is a positive learning experience.

Gravy for the Brain subscription finally acquired!

I had spoken about having attended a seminar for Gravy for the Brain? Well now I’ve finally gone and got the subscription, the one Black Friday deal that I couldn’t refuse. Now I’ll have a new collection of knowledge to absorb! That checkbox has been finally ticked.

My 1st Extra Work!

Earlier the month, I was fortunate enough to be cast as an Extra in a commercial. I met a lot of nice people and learned more about the industry, this route will definitely encourage positive networking and I’ve booked to be listed with an agency in December. To work with actors will enable me to learn from them, and to meet casting directors will open hopefully future opportunities.

I hope next month will also be as eventful. Till next time!

Image Source: Portal by Valve