BoardGameReader Released!

My secret project is out at last!!! I’ve started my first official Youtube Channel, so I would be so grateful if you could kindly subscribe!

To summarise, Board Game Reader narrates board game content. This includes rulebooks and manuals as well as storytelling elements that are integral to the game’s atmosphere (e.g. Betrayal at House on the Hill). As I own a few board games myself, this seemed like a perfect opportunity to:

  1. Promote my voice and other fellow voiceover artists.
  2. Pursue an interest and encourage the tabletop community.

I sincerely hope that this channel becomes successful and that it will evolve to incorporate more detailed content such as quick explanation videos and playthroughs. There’s only a few manuals out so far, but I’ll be working hard narrating more! I’ve even got leaflets ready to be handed to local board game shops!


  • I’m so happy with the design of the website and despite me creating both it really puts this one to shame!
  • I’ve discovered a love for drawing pixel art (something that I’ve never attempted) and animating is a rusty skill but it is definitely being sharpened.
  • I’m equally happy that this allows me both practice and some publicity. If any voice actors are reading this and would like to partake, I’ll be more than happy for any volunteers. More information here.

With this, I can now finally focus on an equal balance of auditioning and working on this YouTube channel.

Image source: Board Game Reader ( - I designed this too!