November: Site Upgrade

(Image Source: Detroit: Become Human)

Hello again! Well if it isn’t apparent, the whole website has changed! But that’s not all that’s changed this half a year, quite a few milestones and actual news has occurred. 

Apologies for not keeping this up-to-date, with every piece of news it didn’t seem worthy enough to be on an official blog post. But with this major website change, it’s a huge physical (digital?) difference that I’m quite proud of!

So what else is new?

  • I’ve been waiting for my first ACX book to be published and I’m actually working on a second book right now!
  • I’ve appeared as an Extra on different TV series 3 times
  • I’ve voiced a Mercedes Spot and a Comic Dub
  • I’ve updated my Graphics Portfolio which is at the footer of every page
  • I’ve improved my studio, with a new Isolation Shield and I’ve purchased some Acoustic Foam
  • I’ve auditioned over 600 times
  • I’ve adjusted my EQ a bit better (!) – wish I noticed it earlier but I think it was due to recent changes in the room.
  • I’ve completed Zelda: Twilight Princess nearly 13 years after it was out (!)
  • I’ve ran out of things to list!

So why the website change? Well I figured that I needed to stand out from the crowd as a VO, and every VO has a site of their own with their face and demo reels. But the ones that really stand out are the ones with their own unique branding, and I’ve chosen mine as a Speedster Hero (Or Villain?) to symbolise my voice and the great turnover speed that I provide.

As a side effect of the website changes though, some of my older Blog Posts seem to have been affected, but I’ll get round to that another day. In any case, all these changes was inspired by a Voice Actor that I met on set as an Extra, he was very knowledgable and speaking to him was very insightful despite starting at roughly the same time, it’s very nice to meet others pursuing the same field.

There’s just one thing that I’ve been dragging my feet over and that’s updating my Demo Reels. And I will get to that for sure! It’s so important right now, especially with this face-lift of the website. I need to keep on improving!