November: Self Improvements

(Image Source: Dr. Kawashima’s Brain Training)

Let’s keep this blog going! I’m currently awaiting some new acoustic foam which I’m sure will improve the sound quality of my recordings. And I’ve recently had a wonderful lesson with a Vocal Coach which has been very insightful to help fix my habits! Building a solid foundation can only bring more improvements.

I’ve completed my third audiobook and there have been a few opportunities here and there that will hopefully turn fruitful. I’ve also purchased a recommended book called Finding Your Voice so I’m looking forward to reading that!

I guess the take-away value of this post, is…

there might be always something to fix physically to your studio – when I first purchased my Isolation Shield, I definitely heard a better sound (+40%) so I’m really hoping the additional acoustic foam will sharpen everything even further.

consult a professional – feedback is always great, especially if it’s constructive. Be strict but mindful of your strengths and weaknesses.

read – this journey’s been taken by many, so every pitfall, every successful practice has been experienced, so have a read from the experts!

I also been watching quite a few videos for improving singing, perhaps I might give that a go when everything is all setup correctly. Take care all!