Happy New Year! 2020

(Image Source: The Walking Dead: The Final Season)

Just a few hours until 2020! Hopefully a wonderful year for us all! December has blown past. I think I’ve been as productive as I could, except for that elusive Demo Update! That’ll have to wait until 2020 I’m afraid, but I’m going to give it my all!

The acoustic foam arrived! I’m -very- happy with it! It’s so robust and 3 times better quality than the ones that I got the first time. Both from Ebay but I’m glad I gave it another chance. With this new setup thanks to Command Tape, Cardboard and Spray Glue, I’ve definitely eliminated any high frequencies and now, the even better quality recordings can begin!

I booked and attended a recording session at a local recording studio at Manchester: Boxyard Studios. I sent an email wishing to learn more about EQing and who better to ask than practitioners who have had years of experience! Safe to say, the session was really insightful and helpful! To get a second opinion on my voice, and to hear it’s positive traits is (I’ve mentioned this multiple times I’m sure!) a confidence booster. To be able to hear how to tailor this voice is sharpening the tools necessary for me to succeed. I’m glad I asked and I’ll be forever grateful!

I also attended a social meetup organised by the talented women at VO North. I met and greeted so many voiceover specialists who gave such a warm welcome and advice that I’ll carry always! Hearing their stories and having a hearty time was a first for me, I’ve only physically met one voiceover before and here, there were more than 20-30! It was such a nice atmosphere that I’m thinking of attending more of these meetups and maybe the One Voice Conference later in the year. If I’m truly set on this path, I need to learn more. And from that I will look to some nearby classes: turns out there’s an improv learning opportunity just within minutes of me! 

Workwise, I voiced a VR Learning Experience for people all the way in Singapore! Would be cool to see that in action one day if it’s ever available online. Isn’t it wonderful to be so interconnected these days?

Not had a chance to fully go through my book yet, just never enough time! But I’m super glad I set aside some for one of my favourite games, TellTale’s The Walking Dead. I’ve finished it this weekend and I’m still just blown away by it all. The amount of emotional sway that game has on me is maddening! And it’s all because of the voice actors, every decision, every quiver of emotion, I feel it so personally that this is my story, my journey, my Clementine’s. To think it’s over is leaving a bit of a hole: this was my first pure “your decision drives your story” game, and as you’ve seen Clem grow up being the shivering girl cowering behind Lee’s leg to a responsible young lady teaching survival to another child, it drives home my desire to pass the torch one day too. I can’t praise this series enough, I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I do and acknowledge that even in the most dire situations, there’s still opportunities to be human even if others choose not to be. Stay true to yourself! And with that, Happy New Year.