May 2020: Update

(Image source: Square Enix, Final Fantasy 7: Remake)

Hope everyone is staying safe these turbulent times. I was really optimistic at the beginning of year as I had plans to attend conferences, workshops, classes, conventions – I had it all worked out that 2020 would be the year that I can advance in this field: unfortunately (but rightly) due to the pandemic they were all cancelled.

So despite re-designing the site and my business cards, I feel like I’ve really missed out on some great chances this year. However, it’s not all glum news. Some happenings have turned online!
For example, the One Voice Conference starts tomorrow which I’ll happily attend, this will hopefully be a good opportunity to learn and progress. This was going to be my highlight of the year: to meet so many successful people in London and get a chance to network and be outside of my comfort zone, but alas!
A big shout out to Kathy Brookes, my vocal coach whom has been encourage her students to sing! That’s been a bit of a big deal, I’m not a confident singer but it’s good to let go of imagery for a moment and just be in the times. Unfortunately her social event was also cancelled and postponed until further notice. So I’ll be singing along this week too I reckon.
No amazing news yet, I’ve done the odd voiceover since. I hope everyone stays well and safe!