Where am I? I’m here!


Hello! I’m a bit sad that I’ve not managed to update this site as much as I wanted to but I think that’s just going to be part of the process and I’ll just have to accept it! Life seems at a standstill but one must plod along.

I’ve perked up in recent days however as I’ve finally got round to updating some of my reels, and listening to back to what I had in the past really sets a new standard. And because I’ve compiled an updated CV too, I actually feel progress and a bit of pride! For too long, I’ve felt this imposter syndrome but I have regained some confidence now.

Why not take a couple of minutes to check out my two new reels?

  • Commercial Reel:
  • Corporate Reel:

Tell me what you think! Oh I’ve disabled the Form for now, but feel free to reach me through any of my emails. Onwards to updating my next set of reels!

All the best and stay safe.

Image Source: Nintendo's Luigi's Mansion 3