Growing Older: Aging

Level Up

Today, I’ve grown one year older. I felt the above picture is quite comical and appropriate.

It’s surprising how birthday views can change, it used to be quite exciting and full of wonder but I guess the checkpoints of hitting 18, 21, 25 were quite positive highlights and significant milestones in life compared to where I am now.

But I digress, I have noticed something lately in that there is quite a demand for senior voice artists so perhaps one day I might still be doing this. But thinking about it more, with the surge of AI development – the ability to colour in any line drawing, the ability to convert photos to anime style renditions, the ability to put faces on top of other faces etc. Full voice synthesis doesn’t sound like a far stretch especially with Alexa/Siri already championing these fields. It could be a scary advanced world! It’d be interesting to lend a voice to an AI, at least something is immortalised I guess.

In the meantime, I’ve finished recording some of the reels, I just need to clean it up. I think I learned the importance of a vocal warm up as my throat really ached pulling a pirate impression for a good while!

I’ve just received news from that they resolved an uploading issue which is good as I was having to use the Firefox work around (Google Chrome did not work!) unfortunately, it actually delayed a response for an audition but I was beaten by one response. And by now I think I’m getting the hang of auditions, just keep it short and not waste too much time (especially with the pace of, max 3 renditions and then just pick and choose between the lines.

Main points:

  • +1 Age 🙁
  • Senior Voice Artists in demand
  • New Reels 30% in progress
  • Vocal warm ups are important!
  • technical issue resolved
  • Auditions: keep it short and simple
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