Tools acquired!

This is my temporary setup: it gave me a little chuckle as the poor Snowball seems to be choked by the pop filter. And because of the weight of the head of the filter, it droops after being clamped to anything else! So at least I’ve found a use for the Snowball, as… a counter weight. It’s served me well. From my research, I’ve found that many other voice artists have used a Snowball in the past, it’s a nifty little device but I knew if I wanted to take this path seriously I’d need a condenser microphone.

I opted for the Blue Baby Bottle SL. Mostly because of Laci Morgan who has a course on Udemy on Voice Acting, she uses one too and I’ve not heard any bad things from this microphone. So far from my tests, it sounds perfect. Incredibly clear and I’m not dissatisfied at all. Although! It didn’t come with a pop filter or a lead which was a surprise – I did get it from Amazon from a random seller as it had the fastest delivery time, so that’s the main reason why. Darn.

To anyone starting out, setting up the device took a few troubleshooting steps:
1. Mac: You need to remember to select your Audio Interface on Sounds (via System Preferences) for Input
2. On Adobe Audition, it wouldn’t let me record! It came with the following error:
To solve this, I followed this tutorial ( which basically goes back to Sounds within System Preferences. You press the ? symbol under outputs and make sure that it aligns with your Adobe Audition settings. Interestingly, my default output was set to the highest Hz. Not sure if that’s normal!

Anyway, back to work! Have a great day!